Great Sires and great mares make great horses...

The Haythorn Land & attle Co. horses are bred for durability and athleticism. Horses bred by the Haythorn's have gone on to excel in and out of the arena. To consistently produce the type of hoCrses that working cowboys, ranchers and competitors want to own Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. maintains several herd sires of their own.

The stallions currently breeding on the Haythorn ranch include:

  • Busy Haidin

    Reference Sire Only

  • Figure Four 437

    Figure Four 437

    Reference Sire Only

  • Figure Four Chex
    Figure Four Chex
  • Figure Four Fly 406

    Figure Four Fly 406

    Reference Sire Only

  • Four Figure Fritz

    Four Figure Fritz

    Reference Sire Only

  • Four Gill

    Four Gill

    Reference Sire Only

  • Four Six Hancock

    Four Six Hancock

    Reference Sire Only

  • Four Metallic

    Four Metallic

  • Ginnin Four

    Ginnin Four

  • Mr Chevy Tough

    Mr Chevy Tough

  • Nu Cash Cow

    Nu Cash Cow

    Reference Sire Only

  • PG Shogun

    PG Shogun

  • SDP Blue Blood

    SDP Blue Blood

    Reference Sire Only

  • Slushwood

    Slush Wood

    Reference Sire Only

  • Snickelfritz Flake
    Snickelfritz Flake
  • White Four Ike
    White Four Ike