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Frozen Semen Information

Thank you for your interest in Haythorn Stallions

The mare owner understands that there is not a live foal guarantee but all efforts will be made to achieve conception. It is highly recommended that only mares who are reproductively normal be used for breeding with frozen semen.

After payment is received we will contact the semen center to release your semen.

Please note it is your responsibility to contact the semen center (402) 944-2584 to confirm shipment, destination, time, and arrange for shipping payment.

The shipping tank will keep the semen frozen for about one week this is enough time to get the semen to you. You will need to have arrangements made to get it immediately transferred to your permanent storage upon arrival. There is a call tag attached and UPS will stop back in a couple days and return the tank to the semen center. Monday is preferred to avoid weekend delays. Order your semen now to avoid the breeding rush.

Frozen semen gives you the advantage of having the semen whenyour mare needs it.

To Order Semen please contact Kelley Haythorn at 970-485-1013 or Email - Kelley Haythorn


    1. Please make every effort to order semen at least the day BEFORE you want it shipped. Consult with your veterinarian to see if he/she has any questions regarding breeding your mare with frozen semen. Please have this information available when ordering semen: 1) Physical address and telephone number of semen recipient (usually your vets address). 2) Stallions name. 3) Mare name and registration number.

    2. Semen must be paid for prior to shipment. We accept check or credit card (5% charge on credit cards). No semen will be shipped prior to payment.

    3. Please contact the semen center (402) 944-2584 to confirm shipping information. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the mare owner.

    4. Please do NOT order semen from Haythorn Land & Cattle by leaving a message on the answering machine.

    To Order Semen please contact Kelley Haythorn at 970-485-1013 or
    Email - Kelley Haythorn

    Haythorn Ranch Stallions

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